• NiMH Battery

– NiMH Battery with 14.8V 2500mAh Nominal Voltage

Type: NiMH
Nominal voltage: 14.8V
Nominal capacity: 2500mAh

– Rechargeable NiMH Battery with 8,000mAh Capacity and 12V Voltage

Type: NiMH
Nominal voltage: 12V
Nominal capacity: 8,000mAh

  • Battery Packs

– Polymer Li-Ion Pack: 7.4v 2150mAh (Kokam Poly-Li) 10-12C Discharge Rate (w/o PCB)
– Polymer Li-Ion Battery Pack: 7.4V 800 mAh (47x24x24 mm) Prewired with PCB
– Polymer Li-Ion Battery: 3.7V 400 mAh (47x24x4t mm) for Micro Car or Device


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