Transistors are active components and are found everywhere in electronic circuits. They are used as amplifiers and switching devices. As amplifiers, they are used in high and low frequency stages, oscillators, modulators, detectors and in any circuit needing to perform a function. In digital circuits they are used as switches.
There are low, medium and high power transistors, for working with high and low frequencies, for working with very high current and/or high voltages.

  • General – Purpose Transistors

Silicon General Purpose Transistor, RoHS Compliant, 45V, 500mA, 200mW, 0.1GHz, SOT-323 – BC817-40W
Silicon General Purpose Transistor, RoHS Compliant, 40V, 600mA, 625mW, 0.3GHz, TO-92 – KN2222A
Silicon General Purpose Transistor, RoHS Compliant, -45V, -500mA, 200mW, 0.08GHz, SOT-323 – BC807-40W
Silicon General Purpose Transistor, RoHS Compliant, 45V, 500mA, 250mW, 0.1GHz, SOT-23- BC817-40
Silicon General Purpose Transistor, RoHS Compliant, 40V, 200mA, 625mW, 0.3GHz, TO-92 – 2N3904RLRAG
Silicon Switching Transistor, RoHS Compliant, -40V, -200mA, 250mW, 0.25GHz, SOT-23 – PMBT3906

  • Power Transistors

Silicon Power Transistor, RoHS Compliant, -100V, -3A, 40W, TO-220 – TIP32C
Silicon Power Transistor, RoHS Compliant, 100V, 6A, 65W, TO-220 – TIP41C
Silicon Power Darlington Transistor, RoHS Compliant, 80V, 5A, 65W, TO-220 – TIP121
Silicon Power Darlington Transistor, RoHS Compliant, 60V, 5A, 65W, TO-220 – TIP120
Silicon Power Transistor, RoHS Compliant, -100V, -6A, 65W, TO-220 – TIP42C

  • Other Transistors

Silicon RF Transistor, RoHS Compliant, 25V, 225mW, 0.8GHz, SOT-23 – MMBTH10-4LT1G
Silicon RF Transistor, RoHS Compliant, 10V, 70mA, 150mW, 7GHz, SOT-323 – 2SC5226A
Silicon RF Transistor, RoHS Compliant, 12V, 100mA, 200mW, 7GHz, SOT-23 – 2SC3356
Silicon Darlington Amplifier Transistor, RoHS Compliant, 30V, 300mA, 225mW, 0.125GHz, SOT-23 – MMBTA14LT1GRelated: sic cargo pilot jobs near texas, noli me tangere musical and theatrical elements, fresh sake bath discontinued, cash cars under $2,000, animal pictures production company jobs, prepaid financial services cumbria, apellidos mexicanos elegantes, rockmart high school athletics, jon hager wife, ut austin sorority reputations, honolulu fire department recruitment, david neal meteorologist wife, air manager alternative, rosewood cordevalle wedding, mike tyson height, weight,Related: 1978 texas high school basketball, 2023 super bowl halftime show, what happened to jimmy fletcher fbi agent, pendry’s lenoir funeral home obituaries, va state employee raises 2022, cayuga county police blotter, american pharmacist association annual meeting 2023, chivalry is not dead urban dictionary, burden shot friend with shotgun, opelika auburn news yard sales, breaking news johnston county, nc, 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Plastic boxes

We make you special individual offer all kinds of plastic boxes by customer design.
Please send us specification what you need and we find the most appropriate solution for you.
For more information please click here

Cable and cable accessories


Armoured Cable
Control Flexible Cable
Rubber Flexible Cable
PVC Flexible Cable
High Temperature Cable

Cable Accessories

Cable Clips
Cable Gland Locknuts
Cable Joints
Cable Ties
Conduit Fittings
Jumper Wire Assortments
Spiral Wrap

If you require assistance with our accessories range, please contact us


Printer Mechanisms

Thermal Printer Mechanisms

Part №: TP57
Paper width: 57.5 mm; Voltage ( logic ): 5 (4.75 – 5.25) 5; Voltage: (dots+motor): 5.0 – 8.0

Part №: TP58
Paper roll width: 58 (60 Bottom Loading); Operating Voltage: 5; Printing speed (mm/s): 60; Dimensions (WxDxH mm): 87x47x16

Part №: TP80
Paper roll width: 80; Operating Voltage: 5; Printing speed (mm/s): 60; Dimensions: (WxDxH mm): 120x55x20

Part №: TP59
Paper width: 59.5 ± 0.5 mm Operating Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC  Printing speed: 52mm/sec Dimensions: (7.5V, 25° C) max. 150 mm/sec. 460 g

Part №: TP79
Paper width: 79.5 ± 0.5 mm Operating Voltage:12 or 24 VDC ± 10 % Printing speed: 52mm/sec Dimensions: (7.5V, 25° C) max. 150 mm/sec. 550 g


Easy Loading Printer Mechanisms

Part №: ELP60
Paper width: 60 or 63; Voltage: 4.75-5.25 / 18-26.5; Cutter option: Optional

Part №: ELP61
Paper width: 58; Voltage: 3.0-5.5 / 4.5-8.5; Cutter option: Optional

Part №: ELP62
Paper width: 58 +0/-1; Voltage: 5 ±5% / 18-27; Cutter option: No


Impact Printer Mechanisms

Part №: IP76
Paper width: 76 ± 0.5 mm Voltage: 12 VDC ± 10% Printing Speed: 2.3 lines/sec. Dimensions: 122.0×83.6×25.4 mm Weight: 340 g

Part №: IP89
Paper width: 89.0 ± 0.5 mm Voltage: 24 ± 2.4 VDC Printing Speed:  3.4 lines/sec (89mm) Dimensions: 127x96x61 mm Weight:  460 g

Part №: IP76
Paper width: 76.2 ± 0.7 mm Voltage: 24 VDC ± 5%  Printing Speed:  3.1 lines/sec. Dimensions: 122.0×97.0x48.0 mm Weight: 450 g

Pacific World Trading has options for your project. Just tell us what printer mechanisms you need.
For more information please click here



  • NiMH Battery

– NiMH Battery with 14.8V 2500mAh Nominal Voltage

Type: NiMH
Nominal voltage: 14.8V
Nominal capacity: 2500mAh

– Rechargeable NiMH Battery with 8,000mAh Capacity and 12V Voltage

Type: NiMH
Nominal voltage: 12V
Nominal capacity: 8,000mAh

  • Battery Packs

– Polymer Li-Ion Pack: 7.4v 2150mAh (Kokam Poly-Li) 10-12C Discharge Rate (w/o PCB)
– Polymer Li-Ion Battery Pack: 7.4V 800 mAh (47x24x24 mm) Prewired with PCB
– Polymer Li-Ion Battery: 3.7V 400 mAh (47x24x4t mm) for Micro Car or Device


We make you special individual offer.
For more information please click here

Integrated circuits

We make you special individual offer.
It is necessary only to tell us and to specify what you need and we will make you proposal.
For more information please click here

Logic IC

Analog IC

Consumer IC

Interface IC

Memory IC

Microprocessor IC



We offer a large range of graphic LCD modules that come in different diagonal sizes and resolutions.

For more information please
click here



Pacific World Trading Company offer the next types of PCBs:


  • Single – sided PCB

Single-sided printed circuits do not require plating through holes and have a circuit pattern only on one side.

  • Double – sided PCB

Double-sided PCB have wiring patterns on both sides of the insulating material, i.e. the circuit pattern is available both on the components side and the solder side.

  • Multilayer PCBs

Our products are widely used in industrial instruments, automobile, power supplies, computers and other consumer electronics.
Here you can see only a part of the products we can provide.
Please, contact us for more information.

4 Layer PCB
6 Layer PCB
8 Layer PCB
10 Layer PCB

  • Flexible PCB

Several layer flexible printed circuits combine the advantages of high-density rigid printed circuit boards with the physical attributes of Flexible PCBs.

For more information please click here



  • PCB
  • LCD
  • Integrated circuits
  •  Battery
  • Printer Mechanisms
  • Passive components
  • Cable and cable accessories
  • Transistors
  • Plastic boxes